Move to Next Business: what happened at the Albert Hall?

As highlights go, a very close second to the Queen appearance at this year’s National Annual Meeting at the Royal Albert Hall was the resolution debate.

It had already been highlighted in Essex by our Pros and Cons event and by reports coming in from Advisers following resolution debates in your own WIs that “Failure to Care” was proving to be a very emotive and confusing submission.  It was therefore, no surprise to many, that after compelling arguments put forward by representatives from both sides of the debate, a request was made to move to next business – but what exactly does this mean and what are the implications for the WIs resolution campaigning in its Centenary year?

On a practical level, quite simply a call to move to next business stops all further discussion and debate on the resolution submission, as it stands and it ceases to be considered as a mandate for campaign by NFWI.  The meeting then moves on to the next business item on the agenda.

On a theoretical level, a call to move to next business indicates that the resolution submission as it stands, could not provide enough weight of argument for it to be considered as an effective area, where the WI could actively campaign and achieve meaningful results.

So where does that leave this resolution submission and WI campaigning in this centenary year?

“Failure to Care” can be submitted again if the authors wish to do so, but a re-vamp would be necessary.   As for NFWI campaigning this coming year, maybe by not having a specific resolution the WI has a unique opportunity to revisit some of its previous campaigns in more detail.  So it will be therefore, interesting to see what the next 12 months bring.

Jane Bird

Resolutions Adviser

If any member has an idea they would like to turn into a resolution submission, or if you just have an interest in the resolutions and campaigning and would like to get more involved, contact the Resolutions Adviser or Public Affairs committee via the Federation office.