Submit a resolution 

Have you been inspired to submit a resolution?

The NFWI are now accepting resolution submissions for the 2016/17 resolutions process. Any member can propose a resolution for consideration.  Chat about this at your next meeting.

Individual WIs may submit more than one resolution: Resolutions need to be proposed by a member and passed at a WI meeting. WIs can pass as many resolutions as they wish for consideration in the resolutions process. 
Get your thinking caps on , is there something your passionate about and think the WI could help make a difference with.
A resolution does not have to have a personal base, it could be to do with the community, the environment or global.

Please contact Essex Federation if you would like more information and access to resources available, your resolution adviser is there to help you through the process and ensure the resolution is worded properly and meets the aims of a resolution. 
The deadline for resolution submissions to be returned to the NFWI is 14th September 2016.