The Winsome Club is the Essex Federation’s own little ‘Lottery flutter’ for WI members, and costs £12 per year.   In the past, some WIs have bought a stake in the name of their WI,  but please be reminded that the Charity Commission informed us that WIs must not use the WI funds for this purpose. Members may purchase a share as an individual or as a group. If your WI wishes to participate as a WI then you may do so providing the money does not come from WI funds, and a nominated person holds the ticket on behalf of your members. However you must have your members’ approval to do this.

Prize money of £1,400 is distributed each year, including four prizes of £100. A draw takes place every month at the Board of Trustees meeting, or when appropriate at the County Annual meeting. Results are published in the Essex News. Funds raised from the WInsome Club go towards the running of the Federation.

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