What is it?

As announced at the County Annual Meeting in Southend in March 2018, the WInsome Club is being replaced by the Federation Flutter: Inspirational Women. Instead of being allocated a number, as in the WInsome Club, entrants will be randomly allocated the name of an inspirational woman. For those of you who already have a number(s) as part of the WInsome Club, this will convert to the name of an inspirational woman (if you apply to join the new scheme). These international women represent all sectors of society and ages. Some will be familiar to you, whilst others may not be so well-known. Perhaps researching your inspirational woman and telling your WI members about her could be the focus of one of your meetings?

The Federation Flutter will run from January – December 2019, and there will be twelve monthly draws.  

Why should I join?

There will be cash prizes every month! The prizes will be announced following take-up of the new scheme, as entry fees are used to generate the prize fund. The increased entry fee is to hopefully generate a larger pot for prizes. A nominal amount is retained by FEWI to cover the costs of operating the scheme. Winners of each draw will receive a cheque, and results published in Essex News.

How do I join?

Print off and complete the form below and return it to the WI Centre (address as above) along with your fee of £24 for the year, and a stamped, addressed envelope.

Federation Flutter 060818 Form