With effect from August 2022 the decision was taken to disband the ‘WI Groups’ system in Essex Federation. This decision was made for several reasons: –

  • Groups are not a Constitutional requirement
  • To avoid confusion between Groups and Links
  • Limited WI Advisers available
  • Reduced admin
  • Groups do not always consist of the most local WIs
  • More WIs selecting not to convene
  • Smaller Groups, due to local suspensions  

Of course, you can continue to hold events with your local WIs, and this will allow you more flexibility to extend your invitations to other WIs in your area, which we know many of you already do.  Please contact admin@essexwi.org.uk for local Secretary contact details if you require these going forward.

Please be reminded that those planning to continue arranging events with local WIs must agree how any profit or loss will be dealt with following their joint events, as funds are not permitted to be held over in an individual WI bank account.

To help you find other WIs local to you, please see the interactive map below.  You can scroll in and out (useful for where there are several WIs close to each other) and click on the markers* to find out the name of each one.  Once you know which WIs you would like to get in touch with, send us the list on admin@essexwi.org.uk and we will send you contact details.

*for the purposes of this map, where two WIs meet in the same location, one has been allocated a slightly different postcode so that both markers are visible.