This is the page where you can find links to various useful documents from NFWI, to help you run your WI more smoothly. For additional information, please register for and use My WI, or call WI Centre on 01245 382233 for help.

Booking Speakers

Print your own Certificates

GDPR information is available here.

PLEASE NOTE: The 2011 Act requires registered charities with an income above £10,000 a year to state they are a registered charity on a range of documents including on their website, advertisements, and other documents such as receipts. This requirement extends to any notices, advertisement or documents used to fundraise.

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Here are various links to NFWI’s help section on running your WI.  Please note that you need to be logged into My WI to view them as they are member only resources.  MyWI has many, many other resources to help you run your WI – too many to link here.  MyWI is the place to go for all the up to date resources.

The WI Handbook

Running your WI

The WI PR Guide

The WI Constitution & Rules

Equality & Diversity Policy

NFWI Communications Guide

Using the WI Logo

Food Safety

Members Resources

In November 2023 NFWI shared information about their Health & Safety Policy documents following on from the National Council meeting in October –

  • First Aid Guidance Document
  • NFWI Risk Assessment Form
  • NFWI Risk Assessment Form Example Template
  • NFWI Health & Safety Policy 2023

First aid guidance document


NFWI-risk-assessment-form example template

NFWI Health and Safety policy 2023