Finding speakers for your meetings can be fun and nerve-wracking in equal measure.  Researching interesting topics, finding a speaker, and then worrying if they will be interesting enough for your members!  To make life slightly easier for Programme Secretaries FEWI produces the Panel of Speakers book bi-annually.  The book contains hundreds of speakers and entertainers, with a list of their talks/demonstrations/entertainment and their contact details.

Speakers who are listed in the Panel of Speakers book are auditioned at our New Speakers events which are held regularly – some in person at WI Centre and some of Zoom for those that only do Zoom talks.  These events are open to members and attendees help FEWI trustees decide if the speaker has the right attributes and talk for the listing. Prospective new speakers are asked to give a 20-minute snapshot of their talk or demonstration and the attendees give their feedback to the trustees.

To see if we have any New Speakers events scheduled, please go to the Events page, or go straight to our booking platform

Successful auditionees are then added to the listing and their details are sent out to committees with the bulletins from FedSec.  Programme Secretaries can rest assured that speakers listed in the book have been auditioned by like-minded members and trustees and can book in confidence.

In 2022 we are introducing a re-audition process for speakers that have featured in the book for more than 5 years.  This way we can continue to ensure that the listing remains active and relevant.  Please do continue to send back your speaker feedback forms as we use these when we are compiling new editions of the book.  Equally if you can recommend a speaker for the book, please do let us know or ask them to contact us directly at to request an audition application form.

Each WI receives one printed copy of the Panel of Speakers book and committee members may request a pdf version of the book by emailing  

We sell copies of the Panel of Speakers book to external groups or individuals for £25 per copy (including p&p).  If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please email to request one.