If there isn’t a WI in your area or you can’t find one that suits you, and you know a group of women who are keen to get involved, you might like to start a new WI yourselves. Contact the Essex Federation office to find out how to start a WI. New WIs are forming all of the time and there may already be one forming just down the road from you!

New WIs are forming all over the country all of the time. The very basic requirements are a group of around eight or more interested women, three of whom are willing to assume the officers’ roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer.

How do I go about it?

Please contact the WI Centre (contact details below) who will put you in touch with a WI Adviser. A WI Adviser is a specially trained volunteer WI member who has extensive knowledge of the organisation, and who will be able to explain the process involved and guide you through all the initial steps. fedsec@essexwi.org.uk or telephone 01245 382233