How to tell people about your WI?  These days there are many methods of communication, and many are very good at telling people who we are and what we do.

Posters and notices are good, but there are other ways too.  Does your WI have a website?  Have you got a Facebook page?  And what about X/Twitter, Instagram and other social media apps?  These effective tools can be used to advertise and help people find out what is going on in their community. 

You may have a member in your WI who is able to help you set up and manage these tools to help promote all the lovely things you do in your WI.  If you require help, Federation has an excellent Digital Team available to you, so please ask and you can start your journey into this new world and hopefully you will have new members coming along to your WI.

Essex Federation and National Federation have created new resources to help you advertise for a recruit new members to your WI.

FEWI Postcards

2 designs of postcard are available from the Federation Office by either emailing or by calling 01245 382233

Customizable FEWI Poster

There is also a poster available for you to customize and use, which is downloadable by clicking the link here: 



Print off the poster and write your WIs details in the appropriate space.

Customisable NFWI Invitation

NFWI have released an invitation that you can use to invite someone that you think would enjoy the WI, along to one of your meetings, or just to have a look and find out more. Click on the link here to download the invitation, which you can then click on again to customise: