IFEs (pronounced “iffee”)

Led by Federation Treasurer, Verity Brome (Harold Wood WI) and Assistant Treasurer, Karen Powell (Doddinghurst WI), our team of Independent Financial Examiners are fully trained to conduct examinations of WI books after each year end. We are very grateful that our IFEs also make themselves available all year for advise and help if you have any questions about how WI book-keeping works. The current advice is that ideally an Independent Examiner should not be appointed for more than five years with the same Treasurer in post.  Subject to this you can select whichever IFE you choose, or request an IFE be allocated to you. 

NB If you choose to use someone other than one of our IFEs to examine your WI accounts you should not use someone who is related to one of your Committee Members as this contravenes Charity Commission Regulations. 

Treasurers are emailed a Year End Pack prior to the end of the financial year end on 31st December.  This pack includes all the documents you need to complete your year end and start the new WI accounting year on 1st January.  If you did not receive this pack, please email accounts@essexwi.org.uk for a copy.  The pack includes this summary which may be of use year round IFE Accompanying Notes_2023.

All the NFWI guidance on running a WI can be found on MyWI here.

If you have any queries about WI accounting please contact WI Centre in the first instance.  By phone or by email to accounts@essexwi.org.uk.  Any questions that the office can’t answer will be escalated to the Federation Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer for clarification.