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The Media Team aims to facilitate better communication and marketing between the Federation and individual WIs, and their members, through the use of Essex WI News, the Federation website, and the Federation social media streams (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). They also aim to help educate, promote and encourage individual WI members to improve their own IT skills through education and support.

How Do We Communicate With Our Members?

Essex Federation are very proactive in trying to communicate with our members.

There is our monthly magazine, Essex News, which is filled with updates on what other WIs have been up to, as well as upcoming events that we will be running.

Our Essex WI Facebook page and Instagram feed keep you up to date in between and shares interesting articles from elsewhere on the internet, that might help you in running your WI, finding new activities and speakers, or in supporting our campaigns.

We also tweet on a regular basis which allows us to interact with members and WIs as well as national organisations who support our different campaigns.

There is also our fabulous website! This is a great resource for any WI with detailed information on campaigns and the various Essex sub committees and what is happening. It also has Local and National News pages to ensure that we keep you up to date with what’s going on both countywide and countrywide. Plus there’s the full Diary section with details of all of our events.

On top of this, our Federation Secretary, Sarah keeps in touch with your Secretary through both a monthly mail out, as well as emails with any additional information.

However, we are also open to feedback, so if you feel there’s something that we’re missing, then please do drop us a line at









My WI & Digital WI Services Launched By NFWI

How can I help my WI members access this new service?


If you haven’t yet received a ‘Welcome to the Digital WI’ email with your ‘My WI’ login details, you can now request access to the site online. Simply go to and press the ‘Request Access’ button. Alternatively please call us on 020 7371 9300 and select option 0 to get set up over the phone.

‘My WI’, the dedicated WI membership site is now live. Find more information below.

What is My WI?

My WI is a new NFWI website that’s exclusive to WI members, to help them get the best from their membership. From the latest NFWI information and advice for running your WI, to campaigns actions and inspiring cookery, craft and floral design projects that have been specially designed for members – My WI is a one-stop-shop for everything a WI member needs to know.

When can I access it?

The website officially launched at the NFWI Annual Meeting on 7 June and all members have been gradually receiving detailed instructions explaining how to access the site since Monday 12 June.

If you haven’t yet received a ‘Welcome to the Digital WI’ email with your ‘My WI’ login details, you can now request access to the site online. Simply go to and press the ‘Request Access’ button. Please note to ensure your account is secure your personal information is verified manually, which may take up to 5 working days.

Alternatively please call us on 020 7371 9300 and select option 0 and we will be able to get you up and running over the phone.

Please ensure you have a valid email address registered on the MCS before requesting access, as this is the email address your Digital WI login details will be sent to. You can contact your MCS Rep or Federation if you are unsure.

How do I login?

An email will be sent to the email address registered on your MCS record. Follow the steps outlined in the email to create a secure ‘Digital WI’ password. Once your password has been set you will be able to use your account to access both the MCS and My WI. The MCS (Membership Communications System) is the secure WI database that holds members’ details and enables communication throughout the organisation. It is important that the information on your MCS record is always up to date. With a Digital WI account you will have full control of your information.

Why do I need an email address and password to use My WI?

All the membership news, campaigns actions and projects on My WI are exclusive and provided as an additional benefit to help members get the most from the WI. Having a login means only members can access them.

What if I am already an MCS user? (WI MCS Rep etc.)

If you are already an MCS user and have a password, you won’t need to do anything. You can access My WI now using your existing MCS username and password. Simply visit to get started.

For more information about My WI, you can download this leaflet from the Communications department.