‘Show the Love’ in February 2017

Green HeartsCampaign pack below

In February 2017, people across the country will make, wear and share green hearts to Show The Love for the places, people and life we want to protect from climate change.

Many of our most cherished places are already affected by climate change – and many more across the length and breadth of the UK are at risk. From the seaside towns where we holiday to the ancient woodlands we walk in, from the parks where we play to the castles where we relive our past. Climate change has already made its mark on the British landscape, where our everyday lives are played out and our memories are made.

We can tackle climate change if enough of us show the love for the things we stand to lose. Next February you can help that love be felt by the people who can make a world of difference.

Feeling inspired to take action? Make, wear and share a green heart next February to show the love and help protect the places that are special to you from climate change.

Please download the ‘Show The Love’ campaign pack